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BAF ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd.

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BAF ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd.
BAF (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. The aim of the ARRK corporation is be a creative people-based organization It is our business philosophy that the quality can be prioritized based on the belief of “ Customer First ” and “ Quality First ”, and the customer be satisfied sincerely. On September 1, 1989, ARRK was established through a group consolidation of multiple business units. The ARRK corporate name was then selected through employee participation and a corporate identity committee. The selected name, ARRK, is in line with the corporate philosophy, based on readings from the Old Testament and "Noah's Ark". This corporate vision reflects the company's business stance of being an ark of creativity for the future through the amalgamation of several business units. The extra "R" stands for "Romanticism," apropos of a people-based organization.
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