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Chin Huay Co., Ltd.

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Chin Huay Co., Ltd.
business C hin Huay Company Limited, renowned as the oldest canned food manufacturing-firm in the kingdom of Thailand, remarkably celebrates its 70th anniversary of establishment andrecorded achievement in food industry. In 1925, the company was established with a significant purpose of producing and supplying canned sardines an other marine products in can, of whic were then regarded as the high profit-generating items with brilliant prospect in Thailand, By virtue of the pioneer of its kind in the kingdom, Chin Huay vastly gained a remarkable growth in term of production and business turnover. T his accomplishment induced the company to venture on the field of canned fruits, such as rambutan, lychees, and longan as well as other agricutural products. As targeted, purposeful endeavor was compensated satisfactory. At early stage, all product items were domestically sold. In about 1965, it initiated exportation of marine products in can especially for canned sardines in tomato sauce, to the international market. This is the first and vital step in the world marketplace, competitive and challenging, of which is then a key contribution to enlargement and improvement of existing factories, differentiation of product lines,and construction of new production department. Having engagedin foreign markets, the Chin Huay saw the opportunity to venture into the new field of manufacturing dehydrated tropical fruits, which are rare in the west, to those who seek delicious oriental fruits for their consumption. So as to seize such an excellent chance and to undertake the soaring demand, dried fruitproducing department was, there fore, established in 1981. Again, the gamble has paid off satisfactory. As evidenced, the dried fruit department is at the moment a more than a little successful part of accredited Chin Huay Company Limited. W ith an eye to pursuing a greater amount of success, Chin Huay has recently established new manufacturing facility for frozen food. With potential management team and expert production people, our products have been internationally accepted on a satisfactory level. By the name of the company, "Chin Huay", which has profound meaning "continuous change with a greater amount of success and recognition" put all concerted efforts to develop new and sophisticated things to undertake rapidly changing demand and more and more competitive atmosphere. Frankly speaking, we Chin Huay fully satisfy with the past performance. But it doesn't mean we will stop our drive to service all good things to the respective customers. In our recognition, the customer was as if the king. we pledge to seek for new, good and reliable thing to service all respective customers in as much as customer's satisfaction is our prime need. As far as human must eat for their existence, we Chin Huay Company still remain.
Contact: Tel. (662) 416-0708 (Auto) , 416-1793 Fax : (662) 416-1909, 416-1630 E-mail : Website :
Address: 19/144 Moo 7, Thakham Road, Sa-mae Dam, Bangkhuntian, Bangkok 10150, Thailand
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