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Advance Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.

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Advance Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.
Advance Technology Industry Co., Ltd. [ Travel Charger ] [ ͧ˹ѧ ] [ Desktop Charger ] [ Plug-in Charger ] [ Batterry Camera ] D0301-080S-0 STARTAC,T189,C289,CD928,V3688,8088,3620 II D0301-0T26-0 TWZ8810,T2688,V750,PANA X100,500 D0301-0T30-0 MOTO T180,2288,C330,350,359,375,550,650,E380 D0301-D160-0 EZ810,MOTO D160,CD560,M30 ԡ OT320 II D0301-E000-0 MOTO E398,V600,500,200,300,60,66,70,T720ѺBluetoothII D0301-E365-0 MOTO E365,E360,AP200,AK900 (Ҫẵ D0301-T191-0 MOTO T190,C115,116,200,201,300,333,V202,V290 II D0301-T191-1 OEM MOTO T190 D0301-V680-0 MOTO V680,730 II (˹Ҩ) D0301-V690-0 MOTO V690,878 II D0302-0321-0 NK 3310,5110,iAM301,NEO 80,EZCALL 710,PHANTOM7200 D0303-0738-0 SONY E.768,738,788,628,630,T18,T10 II D0303-0S75-0 SONY E.K750i/800,D750i,W800i,Z520i II D0303-0T28-0 OEM SONY E.T28 D0303-0T28-1 SONY E.T28,Z800i,T630,66,600,T100,T200,,R320 D0305-0SAV-0 PHILIPS FISIO 120,822,SAVVY,929,XENIUM II D0308-0G60-0 PANA 68,67,88,75,52,92,93 II D0308-0G61-0 PANA GD35 II (Q?) D0308-0GD5-0 PANA GD55,G50,G51,A100,SC3 II D0308-0GD9-0 PANA GD90,70,30 II D0308-0I50-0 IDEA 505 II D0308-0I50-1 IDEA 504 II D0308-0I60-0 IDEA 601,603,606,503,506,508,MIKKY 123,124,125,II D0308-0I60-1 IDEA 602 II D0308-0X30-0 PANA X300 (蹾) D0308-0X30-1 OEM IDEA 602 D0308-0X70-0 PANA X400,70,88,66,200,700,A500 II D0313-0250-0 AUDIOVOX 250,GVC168,268 II D0315-0C25-0 SIEMEN C25,C45,A50,SL45,A35,36,40,C28,C,S,M35 II D0315-0C55-0 SIEMEN C55,SX1,A60,CF62,65,MC60,M55,A55,S57,SL55 II D0315-0S40-0 SIEMEN S40 II D0315-SL50-0 SIEMEN S8008,SL50,CL50 II D0315-ST55-0 SIEMEN ST55,EZCALL,ML2 II D0316-00DB-0 ALCATEL DB,OT300,500,700 II D0316-0320-0 OT320,GVC316,F885,DB5688,3288,M33,720,MTEL702,CHASE280 D0316-0511-0 ARA FG610,2RV,ALC.OT310,511,525,756,SMILE S3316 D0324-0000-0 AK M888 II D0324-0000-1 SAVIO WONU 1893C II D0324-0000-2 SAVIO WONU AK38 II D0324-00DM-0 Wellcom Dm1,Dm2 II D0325-A200-0 SAMSUNG ,M_TEL 601 D0325-E810-0 SANSUNG E810 OEM () D0326-0916-0 SAGEM 916,X2,X5,X3,BIRD 8288,930,939,926,918 II D0326-MYC2-0 SAGEM MY C2 D0327-S200-0 SEWON S2000,BIRD 2000 II D0328-M320-0 Ѻ OT320 TRAVEL MITSUBISHI M320,330 (GALAXY) II (Q?; D0328-MARS-0 MITSUBISHI MARS,TRIUM II D0329-0200-0 SENDO 200,M550 II D0330-0510-0 ѺLG7100 TRAVEL LG510,W5200 II D0330-3000-0 LG W3000,G5300 II D0330-7030-0 CODACOM C400,LG C1100,7030,7020,8120 II D0330-7100-0 LG 7100,510,5200 II D0331-7921-0 MAXON 7921,7920,7970,C80 II D0331-7931-0 MAXON 7931,7932,7930 II D0331-7990-0 MAXON 7990,7850 II D0379-S660-0 BENQ S660,670 II D0390-0090-0 INNO90,99,55,IDEA 800,8,MFA MARS,S1150,LG L1100 NEWGEN D0391-3188-0 ź 49¡ԡâ TRAVEL TCL 3188,3688,Q510 II ྪ D0391-3188-M TCL 3188M,U,760,Q510,2188,728,i919,i929,IDEA 502 D0391-Q520-0 TCL 3188,Q520,525 D0391-Q550-0 TCL Q550,515,718,DBTEL 225,8036 II D0392-0820-0 ԡâ TRAVEL KYOCERA 838,818,815,730,715,712,302 D0392-0850-0 KYOCERA 820,830,850,860 II D0393-0225-0 DISTAR 99,55,PLAMAX XG3D,SEASON E100 D0393-2051-0 DB 2051,2050,F11,F19,MFA101,103,108,109 II D0394-0V09-0 BIRD V09,V10 II (ѧ) D0395-GX32-0 SHARP GX32/25 PANA VS2,3,7,MX6,NEC 616 II D0397-0000-0 ZEASON S1,S2,S3,100,A398 II D0397-0000-1 ZEASON M200 II D0398-0000-0 CURITEL 850,858 D0399-0000-0 DISTAR D77,PALMAX VS7C D0399-0000-1 MFA I2I,304,D7260 D0399-0000-2 MFA M4U,407 D0399-0000-3 MFA 102,202 II D0399-0G18-0 Xplore G18 II D0399-0G88-0 Xplore G88 II D0400-0000-0 SMILE S7410 (ع) D0400-0000-1 SMILE S7110 (ྪ) D0495-0000-0 O2 MINI,I605 D0495-0000-1 O2 XDA I D0495-0000-2 O2 XDA II,696 D0496-0000-0 VK 540,530 D0497-0000-0 CODACOM C300 D0498-0000-0 M_TEL701 ع DBTEL 2032,6218 D0499-0000-0 J-PHONE Q80 II D0499-0JOY-0 N-JOY C II D0500-0550-0 SANYO SCP550 II D0500-PT62-0 PT623 II D0500-PT62-3 PT623 MINI D0500-S333-0 TWZ S333,DISTAR D990,991 MINI D0501-T268-0 EXP1M MOTO T2688,V750,E360,E365 D0501-V680-0 MINI MOTO V680,730 CDMA D0502-0211-0 MINI MOTO 191,190,C201,200,300,333 D0502-0321-0 EXP1M NK 5110,6110() D0502-0331-0 MINI NK 3310,3350 D0508-GD88-0 EXP1M PANA GD88,68,52 D0508-GD92-0 EXP1M PANA GD90,70,50,30 D0515-080S-0 MINI ST,V-L SERIES,T189,P8088,7689 D0515-0C25-0 ԡʹTR TWZ S333,D990,991,PT623(蹾) D0515-0C55-0 MINI SIE C55,A60,MC60,S57,A55,M55,SL55 D0525-0A20-0 EXP1M SAMSUNG C100,A,S,T,R SERIES D0529-NJOY-0 MINI N-JOY,2009F D0530-0888-0 MINI AK M888 D0530-0FA0-0 MINI MFA 102,202 D0530-0K38-0 MINI SAVIO WONU AK38 D0578-0000-0 MINI E CELL WH300 D0578-0009-0 MINI BIRD V09 (ش) D0578-0550-0 MINI SANYO SCP550 D0578-0I2I-0 MINI MFA I2I
Contact: Tel: 66-2435-3031, 66-2433-5130 Fax: 66-2435-6257 E-mail:
Address: 51, 53 4 ¨ѭʹԷǧ 89/2 ѭʹԷǧǧҧ ࢵ ҧѴ ا෾ 10700 Tel: 66-2435-3031, 66-2433-5130 Fax: 66-2435-6257 E-mail:
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