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Crowntex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Crowntex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Profit Organization Brief History Crowntex (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Mr. Prajark Sririntrachai. It started business as a modest specialty textile contract weaver with twenty used weaving looms in a small 1500 square meter factory in the Bangplee district of Samut Prakan province. From the onset, the company founder's philosophy was to produce only high quality fabrics and other products at reasonable prices that will help to improve the lives of the people of Thailand. No expense or effort were spared to achieve this unwavering corporate objective. In line with the economic development of Thailand, our business expanded rapidly over the years. This prompted the addition of new and expanded manufacturing space and increased investments in new production equipment to satisfy growing market demand and increasingly sophisticated customer expectations. Old equipment and manufacturing plants were replaced by new, modern high-speed machineries to increase production efficiencies and improve product quality and appearance. In 1988 a new fabric coating production line was installed using equipment imported from the United Kingdom. This modern, multi-purpose fabric surface coating equipment is used to produce smooth and textured PVC-coated canvas, tarpaulin, mesh, vertical and roller blind fabrics, etc. that are processed to impart particular physical characteristics such as water resistance, fire retardance, high gloss surface, textured surface, opacity, etc. Continued growth in the coated fabric business led to the installation of three additional production lines in the early- to mid-1990's. From its humble beginnings in 1978, Crowntex has grown into a leading multi-product textile manufacturer supplying top quality products for the home textile and coated fabric markets. The company intends to build upon its success in the home market in Thailand and expand its coverage to selected international markets. Increased efforts are now being undertaken to pursue various export sales opportunities. Human Resources At Crowntex we value our human resources. The success of the company depends to a large extend on the combined efforts and hard work of its employees. A highly trained and motivated pool of employees, using reliable and durable machineries to work on top quality materials and supplies, is essential in the company's achievement of its objective of producing high-quality products at reasonable prices while generating above-average returns on sales, assets and investments. Crowntex employees are provided with continuous training opportunities to upgrade their skills and knowledge so that they can work smartly and productively. Local and overseas training courses are utilized where appropriate. Each individual employee's performance is monitored on a regular basis and outstanding employees are given recognition and rewarded accordingly. Product Development In the decorative home furnishing fabrics business it is essential to keep up with ever-changing trends in the fashion industry. The company stays on top of these changes through constant interactions with its customers and through monitoring the activities of major players in the industry. The development of new designs and continuous product improvement and innovation at Crowntex is achieved through the use of modern technology and a dedicated staff of experienced and fashion-conscious designers and technologists, who apply their knowledge and experience to tailor Crowntex products to fulfill customer requirements. Advanced computing equipment and customized textile CAD software are used to develop new fabric patterns and designs. Crowntex continually monitor the needs of its customers for coated fabrics used in various applications and develop the appropriate products using optimal combinations of chemicals and manufacturing processes to achieve the desired product characteristics, quality and appearance. Different applications will require the use of a variety of substrate fabrics, different mix of chemicals and additives, and different curing times and temperatures to achieve the desired fabric strength, color, surface texture, and other physical characteristics.
Contact: Telephone: (662)757-5331, (662)385-5221~2 Facimile: (662)385-5223 E-mail: URL:
Address: 63/8 Moo 3, Teparak Road Bangpleeyai, Bangplee Samutprakan 10540 Thailand
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2008-03-24 15:27:18
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